Shanghai United Intelligence Robotics INC is a high-tech enterprises founded by returnees. It's committed to the development and sales of modular industrial automation control system and robot. The products developed by the company have the completely independent intellectual property rights, and have a number of domestic and foreign invention patents.

The robotic automation system is consist of the independent modules and the modules adopt the same communication protocol. Different modules can be assembled flexibly to compose automated systems with different functions.The idea of Blocks-building Robotics provide users with unprecedented automation system design of human and convenience. By using the modular products,even the users who don’t familiar with the basic principle of the industrial control system works can complete the design and production in a very short period of time. It has proved that a industry control system requires 12 months can be completed within 3 months just done by the ordinary designers and the installation and commissioning won’t be taken more than 5 days with absolute reliability and stability.

We provide the module components and related software needed to build general industrial control system, and keep developing more industrial control modules. These modules Including but not limited to: CAN based Industrial control host and Industrial control panel, Integrated stepping servo system, Intelligent special sensor, Intelligent industrial control gateway, Intelligent input/output control module, CAN Protocol conversion module, CAN Industrial RFID module etc. Among over 50 different products, 95% of them have independent intellectual property rights.

In order to achieve a better user experience and industrial system design of human and convenience, we provide users with customized services from the module to the entire control system. The purpose of this service is to provide users with extremely fast and reliable system solutions and the users can own the intellectual property rights for solutions and final product.

We hope to open up the new thinking and new realm of robot field by advanced concepts and practices, and thus to promote the robot to be widely used in people’s daily life just like the computers. We are strive for becoming a leader enterprise of robots Industry, and promoting robots industrial revolution!


Wholeheartedly serving industrial intelligence。

Promote the upgrading of industrial intelligence and replace human manual labor。

Becoming a leading and world-class sports control group in China

Seeking truth and pragmatism, exploring and innovating, uniting and dedicating, and pursuing excellence。