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About Us
 Shanghai United Intelligence Robotics INC.(Shanghai Uirobot Technology Co., Ltd.) is a high-tech enterprise Registered in the Pudong Zhangjiang High-Tech Park, Uirobot is committed to the development of the robotic industry. Our robotic products have full independent intellectual property rights. 

We advocate the philosophy of modular design and manufacture; that is, all our robots are independent modules, with each module using a unified communication protocol to communicate with other modules. In addition, the mechanical interfaces of all modules are also simple and similar to each other. 

Different modules can be assembled flexibly to form robots with different functions. With user friendly features, users do not need to understand how the specific module works at the back end; they just need to combine / separate modules according to their request, which can greatly improve the versatility and flexibility of robot application and assembly. 

Our lead researchers have many years of research and development experience for industrial and civilian robots. 
Under Uirobot, we have developed a variety of robot components, such as wheeled and tracked mobile platforms with dedicated camera rotating heads, military-level operation control boxes, small sizes, powerful functions, intelligent stepper motor controllers, CanBus protocol-based control systems and so on. These components can be used to resolve related technical problems by themselves, or can be combined together to form robotic products with different functions. 

Furthermore, we have also launched a series of stepping motor controllers. Suitable for use in both our robots and other applications, these products are characterized by small sizes and strong driving ability. With full intellectual property rights, these items are completely different from similar products on the market. With a size of just 42 x 42 x 14mm (L x W x H), these controllers have flanges that enable direct mounting onto 42, 57, 85 and 110 series stepper motors. Divided into parallel port series, UART (eg. RS232) series, CAN series etc., our ultra-miniature and micro intelligent stepper motor drivers are the only product featuring such small designs, high intelligence and high driving performance in the domestic industry. 

We hope to develop new ideas and new realms in the field of robotic research and manufacturing, making our robot products as ubiquitous as home computers, and similarly playing an active role in the daily life of ordinary people. We desire to become the benchmark for robotics companies worldwide, and push the robotics industry into an advanced era. 
Believing in "customers first, be creative and proactive", we will continue to provide our clients with great products and top quality services.

 01 enterprise purpose
The equipment manufacturing industry service wholeheartedly
02 corporate mission
To promote the equipment manufacturing industry to upgrade and replace human manual labor
03 enterprise vision
As China's leading, world-class motion control of enterprise group
04 enterprise spirit
Practical, innovation, unity, dedication, pursuit of excellence
05 enterprise business philosophy
The pursuit of win-win-win, innovation and development
6 basic management policy
To industry demand as the guidance, take customer satisfaction as the center, based on continuous innovation advantage, with high quality in the price of root
07 enterprise quality policy
The customer is supreme, quality first, full participation, strives for perfection

In 2010 and was named "Chinese Aibo innovative enterprise award";
2011 love treasure general manager Dr. Zhu Haihong was named "Shanghai Pujiang talent";
2011 love treasure general manager Dr. Zhu Haihong was named "Changzhou leader";
2012 love treasure general manager Dr. Zhu Haihong Zhang Jiang was named "outstanding talents";
2012 love treasure general manager Dr. Zhu Haihong was named "Shanghai City, thousands of people plan expert";
The 2012 Aibo was named "national technology innovation fund for small and medium sized enterprises";
In 2014 and was named "Aibo technology venture capital institutions of Shanghai City high-tech SME linkage project";
Aibo in 2014 and was named "Pudong New Area science and technology development fund incubator funding for innovative enterprises";
Aibo in 2014 and was named "Pudong New Area science and technology development fund incubator funding for key enterprises";